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Good Hair Care Routine for Men

A man’s hair can spice his appearance and boost his confidence which is why you should keep a good hair care routine. It saves you from potential hair damages and complications. You will learn how to build hair care routine in this article

1. Your Scalp

You can simply make your hair grow very fast when you massage your scalp frequently, it will increase the flow of blood to your hair follicles. Get any essential oil to massage your hair and shampoo after

2. Keep your hair clean

You can Wash your hair twice a week, do not wash your hair often to preserve its essential oils. You can shampoo your hair twice at a maximum per week, If your hair is greasy, you can use water to wash your hair

3. Eat Rich foods

Take care of your hair from inside out, this means watching what you consume. Take foods that contain essential ingredients that can make your hair thick and strong. Take a lot of protein foods, vegetables and fruits for vitamins. When you take proper diet, your hair products will work like magic

3. Hair products

Hair products are in different sizes and forms. As a general rule of thumb, avoid shampoos that contain sulfate and conditioner that contains silicone, harsh chemicals in products can cause eventual damage. Use products that have more oils and moisturizing ingredients for dry hair

Use products that contain tea tree oil for oily hair. Know your hair type and get special products that will work for your hair type

4. Keep your hair groomed

You can keep your hair in a beautiful style all through the day, you can use an alcohol-free gel or pomade to work through your hair and comb it to your desired style.

Do not apply too much pomade so it doesn’t get messy.

Avoid alcohol-based products, they can dry the hair and weaken it over time.

5. Keep your Hair Trimmed

Keep your hair trimmed so that the new growth will have the chance to grow without restrictions. You should trim your hair once every two months. You can be creative around it, you should use what works best for you.

6. Avoid Heat

Do not use Excessive heat on your hair, the best option is to air dry or blow dry lightly. Use the hair drier on low to medium heat if you have to really use it on your hair.

7. Avoid tight caps

Do not use tight Caps, it can cause hair loss because it can tighten the scalp and cause hair to weaken. Expose your hair to the air and shine that it needs.

Use a cap that fits!

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