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How to Apply Makeup Perfectly

Makeup gives you an enhanced look and attractive appearance. It is not uncommon for ladies to apply makeup because it can give your appearance a stylish and classy touch. Some makeup can go bad if it's not properly applied and that can mean a bad day.

You will learn how to apply makeup perfectly with these tips.

1. Start with Primer

Primer helps you to create a smooth and blank surface on which your makeup will stick and rest. It helps your makeup last longer, to apply primer, dip two fingers into the primer and rub it on your face covering all sections

2. Use highlight and contour

Now proceed to use highlight and contour to highlight your facial features. Most highlighters come in cream form, dab a synthetic brush into the highlighter and use it to brush your cheekbones through the middle of your eyebrow and your upper lip.

Apply a light layer of foundation. Your foundation should match your skin color, makeup will go bad if your face looks different from your neck, press the foundation gently into your face and apply in a circular motion

3. Conceal defects

Use a concealer to hide blemishes on the skin, when you apply concealer, focus on the dark spots beneath the eyes, pimples and other dark spots. Use your ring finger to apply concealer very well around your eye. Go gently and carefully

4. Use powder

Now that you have set the base with primer, used foundation, highlight and concealer, you can now apply powder. Choose a powder that is a shade lighter than your skin so the powder will not be too dark when you apply it over the concealer. Gently dab the powder on areas where you have used the concealer and foundation

5. Fill in your eyebrow

You can fill in your eyebrow with these steps:

  • Follow the natural curve of your eyebrow and fill it with pencil

  • Use a brush to feather the brows to make them look natural

  • Now use your brush to adjust the brows back to its regular shape

6. Use eyeliner

Take your eyeliner, it could be liquid or pencil eyeliner, use it to make a thin straight line at the base of your upper eyelid when you close it. The secret to applying a perfect eyeliner is to hold your hand steady as you apply

7. Apply some lipstick

Moisturize your lips before applying lipstick. This prevents your lips from displaying dry and crackly lines on the lips. Apply your color of lipstick. To apply lipstick perfectly, use a lip liner to get the lipstick in place, if you want your lips to look bigger, apply the lip liner on the outer edge. If you want it to look smaller, apply the liner on the inner edge

These tips will help you to apply your makeup perfectly as a beginner. Now get your make up tools and start practicing hands-on.

I wish you an interesting makeup journey

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